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When the program began, our dream was to establish a sponsorship program where we could help support St.Marks in feeding these 250 Mzuzu children on a weekly basis. This is now happening and so much more and our Vision continues to grow!


As we were able to fulfill our vision to feed the children on a weekly basis, we began to look at other areas of basic needs that we could help fund. We are now consulting with the Orphan Care Committee of St. Marks church in Mzuzu. This gave the opportunity to help with health care.

Our mission is to help the children to get the help that they need, whether if it be food or health care. We now provide mosquito netting to help prevent malaria. At the regular Saturday feeding, a dentist examines a few children each week and takes care of minor dental issues and also providing education. Finally with our funds we are able to send kids to the hospital, if needed.

Our Mandate

In the summer of 2005, The Reverend Canon Peter Walker of St.Peter's received an appeal from Archdeacon James Chifisi of St Mark's in Mzuzu, Malawi. Father Chifisi's church was attempting to feed 250 AIDS orphans once a month but could not meet the financial requirements to do this. Our Mzuzu AIDS Orphans' Feeding Program was our response to this appeal. The remarkable success of this Mzuzu Childrens program has meant the we have been able to develop programs to help these children in health care and education and meet many crisis situations that these little ones meet on a daily basis.