Agricultural Program

Our Goal:

-To improve the nutritional status of project orphans and their families.
-To provide a source of potential income for the families.

The project is striving to improve the situation though its agricultural activities which commenced in 2009. 



Did you know a donation of..

$ 2.00 -can get one packet of vegetable seeds for a family?

$ 4.00-can get an avocado or another fruit tree for a family?

$ 5.00 -can get vegetable seeds and fertilizer for a family?


The agriculture program consists of:

Nutritional status: 

Looks at the nutritional status of the orphans and of the families that take care of them are of concern, due to the high and rising cost of basic foods, and the impoverished state of the families.

Income generation:

We look after the poorest families. This families are the caretakers of the orphans assisted by the project that have little or no income.

Knowledge of agriculture:

Giving training to families that lack experience in agriculture.  The families are instructed on how to grow nutritious food with minimal inputs on small areas of land.