The Feeding Program

The Saturday Feeding Program provides a healthy meal for the 250 children who come to St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Mzuzu every Saturday. Some of the children come from significant distances.  


Once funding is received from the Mzuzu AIDS Orphan Care Program the Mother’s Union, a group of volunteer mothers from St. Mark’s, purchases the food from local markets and prepares the meals for the children. The meals are designed to maximize nourishment for the children. Since the inception of the Feeding Program in 2005, the physical condition of the children has improved perceptibly. 


In the cases where children have been identified as having HIV AIDS, a healthy meal is provided to them on a daily basis so that they are able to handle the powerful antiviral drugs that are being administered to them.  


Having the 250 children assembled every Saturday for a meal allows St. Mark’s to help the children with any minor health needs, provide dental care once a month and provide training in tinsmithing, sewing and knitting as well as spiritual support. These activities have been added to the basic Feeding Program due to the generous support of the donors of this project.