Mzuzu Children 

A  Voluntary, Non Profit Mzuzu Childrens Aid Program Created by People in the Communities of Mzuzu, Malawi and Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Coordinated by  St Peter's Anglican Church (Cobourg) and St Mark's Anglican Church (Mzuzu)


Crisis Fund

Mzuzu AIDS Orphan Care Program Crisis Fund

The Crisis Fund was established by the Mzuzu AIDS Orphan Care Program (MAOCP) Committee in January 2010. The children served by the Crisis Fund are, for a variety of reasons, deemed as being in imminent danger or extreme need.

From a Western perspective it may seem that the living conditions of all the 250 children cared for by the MAOCP could easily fit this category. For the most part the majority of children we are helping have a minimum level of direct adult care and are showing improvement in their health and well-being due to the ongoing benefits of the program since its inception.

The MAOCP sets aside money each year to be used for crisis situations as they occur. Decisions concerning the allocation of funds require agreement from the MAOCP Project Manager in Mzuzu, designated members of the Mother’s Union of St Mark’s Anglican Church in Mzuzu and the Chair of the MAOCP Crisis Fund at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Cobourg Ontario.


Fundraiser for the Thondoya Sisters

February 2011


I would like to tell you about three sisters, Patricia 14, Sarah 12, and 9 year old Nolia Thondoya. Their father died of malaria in January 2004, and later that year their mother died of TB. The children were then cared for by an old grandmother who has since died.   Although they do live alone, an aunt who is their mother’s sister does look in on them.  Unfortunately Aunt Mary ekes out a meagre living and has recently been diagnosed as HIV positive.  The children are in relative good health and attend primary school which is government supported.


The main purpose of this appeal is to raise money to repair their one room mud hut left to them by their parents and to establish a small fund to aid them with their daily needs such as food, clothing, money for school books and supplies and mattresses for sleeping. Ongoing basic needs will cost $32 Canadian a month. The hut is in dire need of repair to be habitable.  We need iron sheets for the roof which leaks, nails, cement for plastering and flooring and labour.  The cost to repair the hut is estimated at approximately $350 Canadian. 


I hope the plight of these girls will stir you to contribute to improving their lives. Any money contributed that exceeds the cost of the repair of the hut will be used to help them purchase the basics they need to live. This money will be distributed to them on a regular basis by our project manager in Mzuzu who will also arrange for and supervise the repair of the hut.

Should you wish to help, please make out your tax deductible cheque to St. Peter’s Anglican Church.  Make sure to put on the cheque that your contribution is for the Mzuzu Crisis Fund in order to ensure that you donation is properly directed. You will receive a receipt from the church that you can use for income tax purposes.

Please send your cheque to the following address: 

Shirley Desborough

C/o St. Peter’s Anglican Church

240 College Street

Cobourg ON

K9A 1K9 




Chair, Crisis Fund

Mzuzu Aids Orphan Care Program

St. Peter’s Church

Patricia 14, Sarah 12, and 9 year old Nolia Thondoya  live in this home        

Crisis Fund Recipients

 3 Sisters Home