Mzuzu Children 

A  Voluntary, Non Profit Mzuzu Childrens Aid Program Created by People in the Communities of Mzuzu, Malawi and Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Coordinated by  St Peter's Anglican Church (Cobourg) and St Mark's Anglican Church (Mzuzu)


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  • Mzuzu children mission statement about aids program by the communities of Cobourg, Ontario, and St Peter's Church and St Mark's Church and the community of Mzuzu, Malawi
  • Photographs of Our Mzuzu Children
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  • Aids in Mzuzu,Malawi.An epidemic of deadly proportions is taking place in Malawi
  • malaria in Malawi is the biggest threat to children's health even more important than AIDS
  • Bishop Fanuel Magangani is Anglican Bishop of Northern Malawi which includes St Mark's Church amd Mzuzu
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  • Agricultural program activities designed to help feed the mzuzu children
  • Fund raising efforts for Mzuzu Children are carried out throughout the year. Donation to the cause are welcome at any time.
  • Brochures for education and fund raising
  • The crisis fund has been set up to provide funds for special situations that arise which do not fit neatly into an established programs.
  • Rest in peace. We remember the Mzuzu children who have died on thsi webpage.
  • The power of one features individuals who have made a significant personal effort to do something to raise awareness about the problems of Mzuzu children
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  • This is a joint venture between St Mark's Anglican Church in Mzuzu, Malawi, Africa and St Peter's Anglican Church in Cobourg,Ontario, Canada to help the children of Mzuzu, many of whom are homeless and orpaned by AIDS and Malaria. In addition there are many other social issues like unemployment, under employment, widespread poverty, and few good educational opportunities.
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