Mzuzu Children 

A  Voluntary, Non Profit Mzuzu Childrens Aid Program Created by People in the Communities of Mzuzu, Malawi and Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Coordinated by  St Peter's Anglican Church (Cobourg) and St Mark's Anglican Church (Mzuzu)


Rest in Peace

                                                             David Mwenelupembe


                                                                       2003 -  2010

David was brought to MAOCP in 2005.  He had a chronic blood problem and required blood  transfusions monthly for his survival.  Father Chifisi appealed to the Team in Canada on his behalf and special funds were set aside.  He was given a special diet and any cost incurred when he was in hospital was covered.  He died in hospital, 6 days short of his 7th birthday, and is survived by his mother and his sister.





About David Mwenelupembe

The following was sent by James Mtafu, Project Manager MAOCP

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In my capacity as your ambassador as well as the Project Manager of MAOCP Mzuzu, I need to narrate to you how the departure of David Mwenelupembe was observed. As you all know that David has been sick for the whole of his life since he was registered as an orphan after losing one of the parents, father. Also his health problem was a clear indication that David would have needed a special care. His mother Jane could do nothing to over come it on her own. She is a local villager who has nothing to do that could enable her to support her son, David. He had a chronic problem where he was lacking blood in his body frequently. He had to visit the Mzuzu Central Hospital once or twice every month. I thank both executive and general committee for taking an initiative to set aside funds to support David for survival till the last day of Monday, 15th November 2010 when he departed us. To be very frank, David would never reach this stage if you were not there to assist. Your assistance enabled David to have 7 years living with his mother and relatives. We thank God for that.

I was deeply concerned when it was pronounced that David was dead. I loved the boy very much. I vowed to give David all the psychosocial support he deserved amongst all the 250 orphans for he had a chronic problem. I used to chat with David whenever he was coming for feeding as well as for up-keep when going to the hospital for blood transfusion or any other problem related to his health. Father Chifisi too could burst into tears when he heard that David is no longer with us. We met and discussed what to do for David’s burial ceremony. We agreed to provide MK10,000. ($ 68.00CDN) for coffin and MK5,000. ($34.00CDN) for food at the funeral.

When I was asked to make a speech at the funeral, I narrated to the gathering our deepest sorrow about the death of David. I told the gathering how committed we were when wishing to rescue the life of David. It was also announced that all costs to met burial arrangements were done by Mzuzu AIDS Orphan Care Program. It pleased everyone who was there to thank for a good and caring job MAOCP is doing to the people of Msongwe and other locations in Mzuzu. The Group Village Headman,Mafuta, on behalf of his subordinates thanked MAOCP for the charity work which is being done to people (orphaned children) of his area, Msongwe. He made mention of feeding, clothes, blankets, mosquito nets, toothbrushes and other services and materials related to healthcare. He sent me to say these words of thanks to you as those who provide funds for the operations of MAOCP. He also thanked our church for not segregating members of other churches into the MAICP and urged other denominations to emulate good examples the Anglican Church is doing. “If there were few denominations like St. Mark’s Anglican in the city, we could not be talking of dire poverty amongst our orphaned children.” There was a high tone of ululation from the gathering supported by the Baptist which presided over the burial ceremony for the boy was their church member.

David was laid to rest at his home area, Msongwe, at 16:00 p.m. on Tuesday 16th November, 2010.