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Fund Raising

Fundraising options:

  • Monthly/annually donations
  • Sponsorship program
  • Mzuzu Sunday
  • 1000 Miles For Mzuzu
  • "Penny" box
  • Etc.

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Contact information

Donations can be set up through Heather Godfrey, for more information

call 905-372-5727. Any donation is greatly appreciated, no matter what the amount.


The Saint-Peter’s church provides envelopes in which you can enclose any donation. With this method you can receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.  A popular way to give donations is through direct deposit on a monthly or annual basis. The Saint-Peter’s church also has a sponsorship program where individuals can sponsor one child for yearly feeding ($250) or education ($350).

Lunch at St Thomas


The Mzuzu team has supported many fundraising endeavors to include both the parish and larger community of Cobourg. A popular event is the annual African/Mzuzu Sunday held in January. This outreach is a focus of the service and following the Mzuzu team puts on an amazing Soup Lunch for all who wish to attend. The funds from this event are earmarked in advance for a specific goal in our outreach.

1000 Miles for Mzuzu

1000 Miles for Mzuzu was founded by a man called Grahame Woods. He pledged to cycle 1000 miles as part of his cardio-rehab and to raise money to send five Aids orphans from Mzuzu Malawi to school. He felt the passion to give the orphans the opportunity to have a future; he didn’t want the kids to drop out of school because money was an issue.
Grahame Woods continues to ride the 1000 miles in hopes to continue to raise money for the orphans.

For more information email , please insert your name, address and pledge. Or send it to 1 Coronation Crescent, Cobourg, K9A 1T3, made out to 1000 Miles for Mzuzu.

Where Did We Start?

Fundraising for Mzuzu Children started with a “penny” box within the church. This method allowed anyone to be a part of the program. A box would be placed in the church where people could walk by. This method is still used today along with all the other ways to donate.

For more information see contact information at the top of the page.